STAR of the Year

AnMed Health 2015 STAR of the Year Jeff Sinkele

Jeff Sinkele was named AnMed Health's 2015 STAR of the Year.

In nominating him for the award to honor employees who go above and beyond, Judy Wilson recognized Jeff for his excellent perception and customer service skills. As a patient experience manager for Training and Organizational Development, Jeff worked side-by-side with the Radiology Department through various programs with a goal of staff improvement and promoting a positive experience for patients.

During his time with Radiology at the Medical Center, Jeff worked with a patient transporter named Mark. As Jeff watched and observed Mark work, he noticed an outstanding display of compassion for each patient. Mark explained each procedure to the patient in detail, even warning them about a bump as they wheeled into the elevator together.

Because Jeff was in that place at that special time, he acknowledged Mark's performance not only personally, but by writing and hand-delivering a STAR nomination to Mark.

Sadly, Mark passed away unexpectedly soon after his time with Jeff. Once Jeff received the news of Mark's tragic death, he personally went to Radiology to speak with the other transporters and offer his sympathy and support. Jeff worked with the staff to write notes to Mark's family, and coordinated with Spiritual Care to host a memorial service for Mark for both his coworkers and family.

"Jeff sincerely understands that we are truly 'in this together,'" said Judy in her nomination. "He is a genuine representation of positive influence. You can look for glimpses of goodness in the little things in life. Jeff chose to be a positive influence on someone else by the way he handled this situation. ...So the next time we are on the floor, and we hear a bump of a wheelchair going into the elevator, we will remember Mark for his goodness to our patients. This remembrance is because someone cared!"

About the STAR Program

The AnMed Health STAR program is a way for AnMed Health to recognize employees for doing a great job. The STAR program's goal is to reward those individuals and teams who meet and exceed AnMed Health’s Organizational Standards and make significant contributions to the mission, vision, and building blocks of AnMed Health by practicing excellent customer service (both internal and external), team leadership/participation, and better cost control and quality.

If you are a visitor or patient and would like to nominate an employee for STAR service, you may email your nomination to training@anmedhealth.org or pick up a nomination form from Reflections Café, Camellia Café, or any front desk at the Medical Center or North Campus.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee chooses one STAR of the Year from all STARs of the Month from the previous year.

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