Inter-facility Transfers

LifeFlight supports area all hospitals, not just AnMed Health. Transports to other regional hospitals are an integral part of our commitment to efficient care. With the exception of trauma patients (who must be taken to designated trauma centers) LifeFlight will transport anyone, anywhere within its service area, based on the needs and wishes of the patient and referring physician.

The following information is needed for an inter-facility transfer:

  • Name of sending facility and sending physician 

  • Patient destination and receiving physician 

  • Nature of patient's illness or injury 

  • Patient age and weight 

  • Special needs 

    • Intubated or on a ventilator

    • Presence of vasopressors or other significant IV medications

  • Contact name and call back number if more information should be needed

It is helpful if the following could be done before LifeFlight arrives:

  • Completion of EMTALA paperwork 

  • Copies of significant patient data, treatments provided, and personal information 

  • Placement of at least one (and preferably two) IV or IO lines 

  • Copies of X-rays or X-ray CDs 

  • Securing patient's personal belongings with family members

On rare occasions, a family member may be allowed to accompany the patient. However, this decision is always at the discretion of the flight team after evaluating weight capacity, the patient’s condition and the patient care that may be required during flight.

If you have any questions about a transfer, contact our communication center at 1-877-726-6331.