Safety Precautions

Every effort is made to ensure that interactions with the helicopter will be safe. When working around the helicopter, several safety regulations must be followed.

  • Never approach the aircraft (running or not) until signaled to do so by the pilot or crew member. 

  • Always approach the aircraft from the front.

  • Always walk carefully when near the aircraft, never run.

  • Never carry or hold anything above your head. Lower any IV poles on beds prior to approaching. 

  • Never wear loose clothing or hats while working around a running aircraft. 

  • Never chase or run after any dropped or loose articles. Inform the crew and if needed the aircraft will be shut-down. 

Tail-rotor Safety

  • Never approach the tail rotor of a running helicopter. 

  • The speed of the tail rotor may make it difficult to be seen. 

  • Very strong winds exist around and near the tail rotor.

Landing Zone Safety

  • Provide area 100 feet by 100 feet of clear, level area. 

  • Ensure no wires, trees, light poles or other objects are inside or over the landing area.

  • Look in all directions outside of the landing zone and identify any possible hazards. 

  • Keep vehicles 50 feet from aircraft. 

  • Keep all onlookers and non-essential personnel 100 feet from landing zone. 

  • Aircraft create significant downdraft, protect eyes by looking away from landing aircraft. 

  • Secure all loose or light articles prior to arrival of aircraft. 

  • Never shine white lights directly at the helicopter.

Landing zone safety classes are available. Please complete an outreach education request form or email us at if you would like to schedule a landing zone class at your facility.