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Shared Governance

Shared Governance — Improving Practice Through Empowerment

AnMed Health’s shared governance model ensures clinical nurses a voice in determining nursing practice, standards and quality of patient care, and reflects the professionalism of these dedicated caregivers.

Seven core councils share governance of nursing practice across the system:

  • Nursing Leadership Council – provides leadership and direction to all nursing councils.
  • Nursing Professional Development Council – promotes educational standards and clinical competency; develops nursing retention strategies.
  • Nursing Practice Council – implements and maintains clinical nursing practice standards.
  • Nursing Quality Council – monitors care provided by the nursing staff and ensures compliance with standards of care.
  • Nursing Research Council – supports evidence-based nursing practice; mentors staff to conduct nursing research.
  • Nurse Manager Council – shares information and facilitates interdepartmental collaboration; recommends changes to policies and procedures to improve care.
  • Directors Council – guides strategic initiatives and tracks their completion.

In addition, unit-based councils guide unit operations by managing point-of-service care, promoting autonomy, partnership and shared accountability.

AnMed Health Shared Governance Model