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Summer Nurse Extern Program

As you begin to see the finish line when you’re in college, you often worry about finding a position in your chosen field. AnMed Health is providing a career pot of gold for nursing students with its summer nurse extern program. It is an eight-week program for students working towards a bachelor's of science degree in nursing, who have completed their junior year or the first semester of their senior year. These externs work with a nurse every shift and see what it's like to be nurse.

At the end of the eight weeks, the externs are offered the option of becoming a student nurse technician on the resource team. Members of that team fill-in where there is a need. The summer nursing extern program provides a foundation for future employment for aspiring nurses. It also gives AnMed Health a pipeline from which to select highly qualified nursing staff.

The AnMed Health summer nurse extern program has been in existence since 2008. Each year, AnMed Health hires 12 externs from applications submitted through Human Resources. The externs spend a full week in the classroom and the next seven weeks on a unit. They work 32-hours a week gaining extensive clinical experience and applying their overall classroom knowledge to patient care.

Tamra Brock was a nursing student at Clemson University when she became an AnMed Health nurse extern in the summer of 2009. She stayed on as a patient care technician and went on to accept a position as a staff nurse at AnMed Health upon her college graduation. Today, Brock is the clinical instructor for the summer nurse extern program in which she was once a participant. Brock says when she was in nursing school; she did her clinicals at another hospital, but felt the atmosphere and patient care at AnMed Health suited her best.

AnMed Health provides the summer nurse externs the opportunity to get beneficial real time exposure to our way of caring for our community and patients and the special AnMed Health family and culture. In the past three years alone, there have been a total of 35 nurse externs. AnMed Health has hired 15 of them as registered nurses.

For more information about the nurse extern program at AnMed Health, connect with one of our recruiters or stop by our upcoming med-surg career networking event.