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The mission of AnMed Health is to passionately blend the art of caring with the science of medicine to optimize the health of our patients, staff and community.


Our vision is to be recognized and celebrated as the gold standard for healthcare quality and community health improvement.

Building Blocks

AnMed Health’s Building Blocks help us accomplish the mission and vision of our organization. 

1. Exercising a Passion for Serving Others

  • We continuously remind ourselves that we are serving people at their most difficult and vulnerable times in life. 
  • We are passionate about our work and eager to serve and help others, including our fellow employees and medical staff.

2. Exceeding the Expectations - Being the Provider of Choice 

  • We are committed to creating exceedingly satisfied patients and families. 
  • We seek to satisfy their total needs - physical, emotional, mental, informational, social and spiritual. 
  • We strive to be a leader in providing the latest and best health and medical technology, as well as exceptional personal caring. 
  • We make every effort to help uninsured and underinsured patients find assistance to pay for their care or to qualify for payment discounts.

3. Pursuing Excellence and Quality

  • We are uncompromising in our commitment to meeting and surpassing established quality standards for all clinical procedures and processes.
  • We embrace the principles of quality improvement and strive to achieve excellence in all we do.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit of the safest possible environment and processes.

4. Fostering a Nurturing Culture

  • We offer a workplace that is open, supportive and encouraging, where personal and professional growth is fostered and where staff are treated fairly. 
  • We seek to be the "employer of choice" by providing staff a great place to work and by offering an equitable compensation program.

5. Living a Culture of "Yes"

  • We eagerly listen to and respect our colleagues. 
  • We seek to accentuate the positive by strongly encouraging positive, cooperative and courteous attitudes; by offering praise frequently and publicly; and by speaking favorably of one another and the organization.
  • We strive to eliminate the negative by strongly discouraging such unprofessional conduct as negative attitudes, comments and behaviors. 
  • We address questions and concerns and implement "service recovery" processes as soon as possible. 

6. Benefiting the Community

  • We annually report the societal benefit we provide to the region and demonstrate that the benefit far exceeds the value of our tax-exemption. 
  • We reinvest all surplus income in new equipment, facilities, and services for the benefit of the community.

7. Practicing Financial Responsibility

  • We use sound and widely accepted financial-management practices. 
  • We work together to manage expenses and increase our efficiency and productivity to assure our financial well-being and to maintain a positive operating margin.

8. Maintaining High Standards

  • We comply with and make every effort to exceed all legal, regulatory and ethical requirements that apply to our services.

9. Embracing "Differentiology"

  • We recognize and respect the dignity and individual differences of all people.
  • We respect and protect the privacy of all patients.
  • We provide the same level of service to all patients regardless of who they are.
  • We constantly remind ourselves that we are all "diversity challenged" in one way or another.

10. Living the Credo… "We're In This Together"

  • We breathe life into our slogan, "We're In This Together," by continuously looking for opportunities to work in collaboration with others within the workplace and throughout the region to achieve our mission and vision.