STAR of the Year

AnMed Health 2018 STAR of the Year Sharon Steed

Sharon Steed, a Speech Language Pathologist at Pediatric Therapy Works, was named the 2018 STAR of the Year.

Sharon has been with Pediatric Therapy Works for 17 years. She specializes in augmentative communication devices for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty with communicating in a traditional way.

Sharon sincerely feels she is called to work with the special needs population we serve. She is a leader within our clinic and in our community on educating and advocating for children’s right and need to communicate. She believes communicating personal needs should not be limited to verbal communication but any way that children can use through signs, gestures, or through the use of assistive technology. Sharon educates staff and families on how to use the augmentative communication devices. She then works closely with local school districts and other speech therapists in order to train them to serve these children with devices. Her love extends to the adult population through trainings and education for hospital, rehab hospital, and vocational rehab staff. She also takes the time to speak at state conferences regarding her research and findings to help other professionals.

Here is an example of how Sharon has exemplified the SERVICE motto of AnMed Health this year.

Sharon worked closely throughout 2018 with a family who came to see her from Tennessee for a communication device for their daughter. Sharon spent countless hours on the phone with the insurance company and family prior to their arrival to our clinic in order to ensure funding and to make her evaluation time with the patient as effective and efficient as possible. Sharon also arranged for a representative for the device to travel to Anderson from Chicago to be present at the evaluation. Sharon sees past the disabilities and looks for the abilities of a child. In this patient’s case, she was able to successfully use a Tobii eye gaze system. Sharon was able to determine this child indeed had the cognitive function and ability to communicate with an augmentative communication device. On many occasions Sharon gives up her personal time or lunch to make sure that she allows that child to demonstrate their fullest potential and to determine the best device. Sharon and her husband drove to Tennessee on two separate weekends to meet with this family and ensure that they were educated on the best way to use the device to meet their daughter’s needs. The family was moved to tears in gratitude and appreciation for all Sharon has done.

This is just one of the ways that make Sharon a great asset to AnMed Health and to Pediatric Therapy Works.

About the STAR Program

The AnMed Health STAR program is a way for AnMed Health to recognize employees for doing a great job. The STAR program's goal is to reward those individuals and teams who meet and exceed AnMed Health's Organizational Standards and make significant contributions to the mission, vision, and building blocks of AnMed Health by practicing excellent customer service (both internal and external), team leadership/participation, and better cost control and quality.

If you are a visitor or patient and would like to nominate an employee for STAR service, you may email your nomination to training@anmedhealth.org or pick up a nomination form from Reflections Café, Camellia Café, or any front desk at the Medical Center or North Campus.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee chooses one STAR of the Year from all STARs of the Month from the previous year.

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