Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: What You Need to Know. LEARN MORE

COVID-19 Information and Updates

Current Visitor Restrictions

  • Visitors must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth (no vented masks) when in contact with a patient or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 themselves
  • Visitors must stay with the patient (not go to the cafeteria, gift shop, etc.)
  • People over age 65 and those with chronic illnesses who are not vaccinated should refrain from visiting.
  • On occasion, visitors should remain with a patient with special needs. Secure approval of attending doctor and administrator for exceptions.
  • For Emergency Department Patients at AnMed Health Medical Center
    • One visitor allowed per patient.
    • In end-of-life situations, labor and delivery, and for pediatric patients, only one visitor will be allowed. This visitor must be 14 years of age or older.
  • For adult patients without COVID-19 (visitors must be over 14 years old)
    • Visiting hours will remain the same from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., but beginning Monday, February 21, 2022, AnMed Health will allow two visitors at a time for inpatients at the Medical Center, North Campus and AnMed Health Cannon. AnMed Health will allow those two visitors to switch out at the Medical Center and AnMed Health Cannon. AnMed Health will not allow the two visitors to switch out at the North Campus to decrease the potential of exposure to newborns and pediatric patients. One designated overnight visitor is allowed for maternity admitted patients only, and visitors may not switch out. One visitor may be allowed a longer stay at the Medical Center, including overnight for patients needing extra care. Approval is required from an attending doctor and hospital administrator. AnMed Health practices and Emergency Department will continue to allow only one visitor. 
  • For pediatric patients without COVID-19
    • Outpatient Special Procedure - Two visitors allowed, but must stay in waiting room unless a site have private space for a patient. Visitors can go to post-procedure areas for discharge instructions.
    • Kids' Care - Effective November 19, 2021, two visitors allowed for pediatric patients being seen.
    • Hospital (North Campus) - Effective November 19, 2021, one designated overnight visitor, visitors may not switch out.
    • Practice Visits - One visitor allowed in exam room. Infants 2 months and younger, and patients with care needs, may have two visitors. Exceptions may be made for certain visits and for families with multiple children.
  • For patients who have (or might have) COVID-19
    • Any Area - No visitor, except in comfort care situations with approval of attending doctor and hospital administrator.
  • For end of life events, up to three visitors (including under 14 years of age) may be allowed (one can remain at all times) with attending doctor and hospital administrator approval.