Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: What You Need to Know. LEARN MORE

COVID-19 Information and Updates

Safety Precautions

To provide needed care safely for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, AnMed Health takes the necessary precautions to make each location as safe as possible.

To continue to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19, all staff, physicians, contract workers, volunteers, students and visitors must continue to wear a mask at AnMed Health facilities when coming in contact with a patient or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 themselves (fever over 100.4, cough or shortness of breath).


Patients should wear face coverings. They should maintain social distancing while checking in and out, sitting in the waiting room, or being around other patients. Our waiting rooms may be altered or divided to keep patients distanced from each other.


Employees wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, gowns and face coverings. They also keep waiting rooms and treatment areas thoroughly cleaned. Following these steps and others protects both patients and staff – a top priority of AnMed Health.


AnMed Health’s medical group offers multiple visit options. Telemedicine is an efficient, virtual option that can help you avoid visits to the ER, doctor’s office or urgent care and keep you and others safe from spreading COVID-19. This can help ensure that you limit your exposure to others so that you don’t put yourself or others at risk.

We are able to provide care for you in multiple ways, so if you have a health care need during this time of social distancing, please send a MyChart message or call your physician's office to ask what type of visit works best for you. In addition to continuing to provide excellent in-person care when needed, we provide telemedicine through:

  • Telephone check-ins.
  • E-Visits.
  • Video visits

If you do not have a primary care provider, our CareConnect locations in Anderson and Clemson remain open with usual business hours. E-visits are an option for at home care for certain conditions. Visit here for more information.