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Men's Health Month

Celebrate Men’s Health Month: Finding a health care home

Men, have you seen a doctor lately?

June is Men’s Health Month, so now is a good time for men to setup their first visits or check in with their family doctors to help minimize illnesses and maximize their lifespans.

The first step toward achieving both of those goals is to establish or maintain a health care home with AnMed Health Physician Network Services. There are many family doctors to choose from throughout Anderson and Pickens counties in South Carolina and Hart County in Georgia, and most are accepting new patients.

One of the biggest benefits of primary care is consistency. AnMed Health’s family medicine practices provide continuing care service and medical intervention throughout a patient’s life. Developing a personal relationship gives a man’s doctor a clear understanding of his lifestyle, risk factors and underlying health conditions. And with men leading women in 9 of the 10 deadliest categories, according to Men’s Health Network (MHN), that background knowledge can help prevent and treat diseases and save lives.

“Doctors track and understand the medical history of the patient in detail, which clinically benefits the patient when assessing, diagnosing and treating him over the course of his lifetime,” said Dr. Eric Cromer of AnMed Health Iva Family Medicine. “Although men sometimes rely on the women in their lives to manage their doctor’s visits, they need to be more involved because of the various conditions that are unique to them.”

Preventive medicine – checkups, screenings, vaccinations and exams – can help men avoid health problems or address them in a timely matter to prevent them from becoming worse. However, men have only half as many doctor visits for prevention as women, and on average, men live five years less, dying primarily from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicide, according to MHN.

“All of us men are going to have unpleasant and inconvenient health conditions to surface, and we can’t ignore them” said Dr. Anthony Lau of AnMed Health Hartwell Family Medicine. “So early detection is key. While there are men who feel like they don’t have time for a checkup or think it’s unneeded, doing so can give you the best chance at avoiding complicated health matters or finding problems quickly, when it matters the most.”

Doctors encourage men to establish a health care home when they are young. Their health care needs will evolve over time, and having a long-term, primary care relationship in place enables their physicians to pinpoint which physicals or tests are needed and when.

“Think of it like a maintenance schedule for your car,” said Dr. Robert Bryant of AnMed Health Wren Family Medicine. “If you get behind, your car will have problems as it ages. Taking it in as scheduled can help it stay in good running condition. Men’s bodies and minds are the same way. Caring for yourself can help you maintain your fitness and strength, allow you to keep doing the activities that you enjoy, and give you more time with your family and friends.”

To find a health care home, call AnMed Health Wellness Connect, (864) 512-3748, or visit to learn more.

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