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Depending on your injury or illness, you may need one or all of the following types of rehab:

  • Physical therapy helps strengthen muscles and improve mobility after an injury or illness.

  • Occupational therapy helps people regain important day-to-day skills, such as eating, dressing, writing and cooking. 

  • Speech therapy is designed to help patients regain and increase their ability to communicate through speech. 

Tips for Success in Rehab 

AnMed Health therapists want to see every patient reach their highest level of independence. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your rehabilitation experience:

  • Follow your physician’s instructions – Schedule therapy appointments as often as your doctor says to, and be sure to attend every appointment. 

  • Dress for success – Any time you’re exercising, wear non-skid shoes and clothes you can move comfortably in. 

  • Focus on the task at hand – Make the most of your therapy time by giving the exercises your full attention. This is your time. 

  • Do your homework – Often, therapists will prescribe exercises for you to do at home. It’s up to you to follow through. 

  • Stick to it – Don’t give up if healing isn’t happening as fast as you’d like. Talk to your therapist about your concerns and remember that recovery takes time.