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Cancer Care

Each experience with cancer is different, but at AnMed Health, we are here to make sure you have everything you need to stay strong and take the right steps on your journey. Our state-of-the-art cancer center has comprehensive resources for everyone, regardless of their cancer diagnosis or stage. 

From preventative care and education to the latest diagnostic tools and treatment methods, we have everything you need to fight cancer. And we’ll be with you every step of the way—we're in this together.

About AnMed Health Cancer Center

At AnMed Health Cancer Center, state-of-the-art technology and expert outpatient care are combined to provide nationally-recognized treatment. Opened in 2005, the Cancer Center offers a range of diagnostic and treatment services, including radiation therapy, infusion, chemotherapy and supportive care.

AnMed Health has earned Accreditation with Commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. Only one in four hospitals that treat cancer patients receives Commission on Cancer accreditation. AnMed Health also has been selected by the National Cancer Institute to participate in hundreds of the latest clinical trials and protocols.

Cancers we treat in Anderson

The multidisciplinary team at the AnMed Health Cancer Center treats multiple types of cancers. We provide each patient with a custom treatment plan that is designed to improve their outcome and increase their chances of making a full recovery. 

The cancers that we treat include:

Your cancer team

Cancer is a complex and serious medical condition. As such, it requires a diverse, multidisciplinary treatment approach. That is why AnMed Health’s cancer team includes top physicians in a variety of fields, who have weekly, multidisciplinary tumor board meetings. When you turn to our experts for cancer treatment, your care team will include the following:

Surgical oncologists

Surgical oncologists specialize in treating various forms of cancer through surgical intervention. Our physicians are skilled at removing both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

Medical oncologists

Medical oncologists focus on diagnosing and treating different types of cancer. These professionals utilize less invasive treatment methods, such as hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and chemotherapy.

Radiation oncologists

AnMed Health’s radiation oncologists utilize ionizing radiation to target and treat different forms of cancer.

Plastic surgeons

AnMed Health’s Cancer Center doesn't just want to help you beat cancer. We also want to optimize your overall quality of life after treatment. That is why our care team includes plastic surgeons. These specialists will reconstruct areas of the body that are impacted by cancer.

Counselors, nutritionists, pharmacists and social workers

In addition to physicians, our care team includes pharmacists, social workers, nutritionists and counselors to support all other areas of life that are impacted by cancer and cancer treatments. Our goal is to mitigate the effects of a positive cancer diagnosis through nutrition, mental health services and medication.

Anderson cancer treatment options

AnMed Health’s multidisciplinary team will treat your cancer using the latest methods and technologies. We provide every patient with a tailor-made treatment plan in order to optimize the outcome of our interventions. 

When we’re planning your treatment protocol, our physicians will consider chemotherapy, surgical interventions, radiation and clinical trials.

The exact protocol will vary depending on your unique health conditions, the type and stage of cancer and other personal factors.


Chemotherapy involves the use of one or more drugs that are designed to kill cancerous cells or curb the spread of your condition. Chemotherapy can be used as a standalone treatment but is more commonly paired with other interventions. 

While chemotherapy often has several side effects, AnMed Health seeks to mitigate them through nutrition and proactive medicinal intervention.

Radiation oncology

Like chemotherapy, radiation oncology is often paired with other interventions. Ionized radiation can be used to kill malignant cells and ensure that no cancer remains after tumors have been removed surgically.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials involve the use of new treatment methods that are still in the research stage. Ask your treatment team if there is an open clinical trial that you can join. Discuss the risks and benefits of joining a clinical trial with your care team. Together, decide if a clinical trial is right for you. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network experts encourage patients to join a clinical trial when it is the best option for the patient.

Surgical intervention

Surgical intervention is one of the most widely used forms of cancer treatment. Your physician will remove the malignant growth(s) and then, if needed, treat the area with chemotherapy, radiation or both. 

If the intervention caused significant damage to your tissue, then you may also be a candidate for reconstructive surgery.

Cancer prevention, recovery and support

AnMed Health does not simply treat various forms of cancer. We also want to help our patients live a longer and healthier life. With that goal in mind, we also offer extensive cancer prevention, recovery and support services, including the following:

Support groups

A positive cancer diagnosis is extremely trying for both the patient and their loved ones. That is why AnMed Health provides numerous free support groups. These meetings allow patients and caregivers to voice concerns, ask questions or simply share their feelings with a group of understanding individuals.

Patient navigation

AnMed Health’s Cancer Center has launched an innovative Patient Navigator Program. Participants will be connected with a specially trained registered nurse that will guide them through the cancer diagnosis and treatment process.

impressions appearance shoppe

AnMed Health’s impressions appearance shoppe is designed to help cancer patients and survivors find products to make them feel and look better. The shoppe offers unique products and inspirational gifts so that you or your loved one can receive the support to overcome a positive cancer diagnosis.

Lymphedema center

Lymphedema refers to a chronic condition that is characterized by swelling to any part of the body. Lymphedema is common in cancer patients and survivors due to damage caused to the lymph nodes. AnMed Health’s Lymphedema Center is designed to manage this swelling through internationally recognized techniques.

Genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is designed to help patients and their families understand cancer risks. This service is also intended to educate patients on the benefits and limitations of genetic testing. Knowing the risks and benefits can help patients make informed decisions about cancer prevention treatment options.

Why AnMed Health Cancer Center?

When you are face to face with a positive cancer diagnosis, you need an all-encompassing treatment approach from an accredited care team like the one at AnMed Health. Our cancer center is accredited by both the Commission on Cancer and the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). 

When you put your trust in the experts at the AnMed Health Cancer Center, we will:

  • Provide an integrative approach
  • Communicate
  • Implement the latest technologies
  • Offer clinical trials
  • Support you on your journey
  • Offer nutritional guidance
  • Be responsive to your needs
  • Create a custom treatment plan
  • Proactively address your symptoms

If you are looking for a cancer care team that will put you first, consult with your family doctor about getting a referral to the AnMed Health Cancer Center.




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