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Lung Cancer Screening

Former or current smoker? Don't wait.

Following these new lung screening guidelines could save your life.

Who Should be Screened?

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends lung cancer screening if you are:

  • 55 to 74 years old

  • AND have smoked:
    • 1 pack a day for 30 years OR
    • 2 packs a day for 15 years

  • AND quit smoking less than 15 years ago or still smoking

Why Get Screened?

Early detection and treatment can increase your survival rate from 15% to 92%. Because there are no early symptoms, lung cancer is often not found until it has reached an advanced stage — making it the deadliest form of cancer. About the same number of people die each year from lung cancer as die from breast, prostate, colorectal and pancreatic cancers combined. However, this trend can be reversed if the cancer is found in its earliest, most treatable stage. 

Lung cancer screening is safe, quick and painless. A low-dose CT (computed tomography) scan of the lungs takes about 15 minutes and exposes you to less radiation than smoking two packs of cigarettes. 

What If My Results Aren't Normal?

If your CT scan reveals an abnormality, the next step is to collect a sample of the suspicious tissue so it can be further examined. At AnMed Health, we offer the most advanced, minimally-invasive technology to diagnose lung disease – even in the furthest, hardest-to-reach parts of the lungs. 

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) combines traditional bronchoscopy with ultrasound imaging to give doctors more information about a patient’s airway and surrounding tissues. Using special attachments, doctors can perform a biopsy through the bronchoscope, which is inserted through the mouth. No incision is needed. 

Navigational Bronchoscopy uses CT imaging and special software to map a patient’s airways before the procedure. Then, special instruments with tiny sensors assist the doctor in following that pathway to the targeted area of the lungs, where a biopsy is taken. 

What If It's Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is never easy. But screening often makes it possible to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages, when treatments are most effective. At the AnMed Health Cancer Center, you’ll find everything you need right here at home to fight – and win – your battle against cancer. Services include: 

  • A dedicated lung cancer nurse navigator to guide you through treatment;

  • Cancer specialists in many fields, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy;

  • The Upstate’s only TrueBeamSTx™ system, the most powerful and precise radiation treatment for cancer;

  • Numerous clinical research trials; and

  • A full spectrum of support services and local community resources.

How Do I Learn More?

If you think you may be at high risk for lung cancer, talk to your doctor about yearly screening CT scans, or contact the AnMed Health Cancer Center at 864-512-4636 for more information.