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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine at Forefront of Cancer Treatment

Health care is more than just medicine and procedures. When you’re facing cancer, treatment requires an all-encompassing approach like integrative medicine at AnMed Health.

Integrative medicine improves quality of life. Strategies include proper nutrition, relaxation techniques and herbal therapy combined with the most effective medical treatments.

At AnMed Health, treatment is provided by local experts – from within the community – who are connected to more than 200 specialists in every cancer type. Plus, easy access is available to the newest and most promising treatments – all right here at home in a state-of-the-art facility.

On top of that, there are a multitude of integrative medicine programs, such as tai chi, dietetics and yoga, which complement and support the medical treatments for patients and their caregivers. This approach to health and wellness respects the body’s natural ability to heal itself and offers treatment for the patient – mind, body and spirit.

“Integrative medicine stresses well-being and balance in a relationship-centered approach to medical care. It incorporates both conventional and evidence based complementary therapies in caring for patients,” said Dr. Jeffrey DeLo, who is in practice with Dr. Jay Nayak at AnMed Health Oncology and Hematology Specialists.

AnMed Health Oncology and Hematology Specialists connects patients to a comprehensive cancer program that includes specialized nurse navigators, highly trained and certified infusion nurses, the latest research trials, powerful technology, radiation oncology and supportive care.

“Every service we offer is backed by research on safety and effectiveness for cancer patients and survivors,” Dr. DeLo said.

Physicians specially trained in integrative oncology along with support staff work with the primary oncology team to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their family members throughout treatment and survivorship.

Integrative medicine has been shown to promote wellness during medical treatment. In addition to the comprehensive cancer program, giving attention to the whole body through diet and exercise can have a powerful impact on the healing process. Additional programs are being considered as well.

“The integrative approach can complement standard chemotherapy treatments by utilizing a variety of therapies designed to uplift a patient’s mood, well-being and overall health,” Dr. DeLo said.

Working with an expert team of registered nurses, dietitians and exercise specialists, you’ll receive the tools you need to embrace a healthier lifestyle and hopefully reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence. Nurse navigators, for example, assist patients, families and caregivers with understanding the many resources and options that come with cancer care.

Dr. Nayak said it was that comprehensive nature that attracted him to Anderson.

For more information about integrative medicine, please contact AnMed Health Cancer Care at 864-512-4636.