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AnMed Health Cardiac Device Clinic

For patients with an implanted cardiac device, medical care doesn’t end after the device is secured. Maintaining a connection with your doctor for regular device monitoring is critical when you want to enjoy continued heart health.

What is a cardiac device clinic?

A cardiac device clinic serves patients who have received implantable cardiac devices (ICD). The clinic is staffed by technicians and nurses that are specially trained to monitor ICD patients and their devices.

Who should visit a cardiac device clinic and why?

Patients who have any type of implantable cardiac device should visit the clinic to ensure their device is working properly. This includes patients with pacemakers, ICDs and implantable loop recorders. Your physician will advise you on the frequency of visits needed for safe monitoring.

What to expect when you visit

During your appointment, trained medical professionals will review the stored information acquired through remote monitoring and check the battery status of your device.

Why choose AnMed Health?

AnMed Health is recognized as the gold standard for healthcare quality. Our award-winning cardiology care center focuses on evidence-based science to help our patients improve their heart health.

Cardiac device clinic FAQs

What is a cardiac device?

A cardiac device is an implanted medical device that controls irregularities caused by your heart’s electrical system.

Is someone monitoring my device 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Information from your ICD is constantly recorded and sent for monitoring either manually or automatically, in the case of wireless devices. A clinician reviews the information from a secure website.

How often should my cardiac device be checked?

Typically, a cardiac device should be checked every one to three months. Your cardiologist will recommend a schedule that is appropriate for your device and specific health concerns.