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Open Heart Surgery

Earlier medical interventions and pharmaceutical advances mean fewer open heart surgeries are performed nationwide each year. AnMed Health performs about 250 open heart surgeries a year and our outcomes are ranked among the top 10 percent in the nation according to the CMS/Premier Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration Project

Our cardiothoracic surgeons are among the most experienced in the Upstate, and are part of our comprehensive heart and vascular care program.

Two of the most commonly performed open heart surgeries are heart valve surgery and coronary artery bypass surgery. 

Heart valve surgery repairs a damaged heart valve. The heart contains four valves, which let blood flow in and out of the heart. If damaged, valves do not open and close as they should. As a result, blood is sometimes blocked or allowed to leak backward. When this happens, the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the body. 

Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed when one or more arteries around the heart become blocked. To correct the problem, the surgeon takes part of a blood vessel from the patient's leg or chest and attaches it to the coronary artery above and below the blockage. By "bypassing" the blockage in the artery, the surgeon is able to restore the flow of blood to the heart.