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Pathway to Success

Weight loss surgery is not for everyone. Controlling excess weight is a lifelong effort. It is important to understand that weight loss surgery is not a quick fix; it is a major life change. But, for those who undergo the procedure, it can be life transforming. The pathway to success follows a comprehensive process with pre- and post-surgery diet and exercise programs created to help you achieve your goals.

In preparation for surgery, you are required to complete appointments with our registered dietitian and a psychiatrist who works with bariatric surgery patients. You will attend a Behavioral Modification class and a pre-operation class, and we strongly encourage you to attend at least one support group meeting. If your insurance company has approved your surgery, there may be additional prerequisite requirements not listed here.

Two weeks prior to surgery, we will provide you with a pre-op diet consisting of high protein, low sugar meal-replacement shakes three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner); no solid food. Between meals you may have non-carbonated, sugar free or low sugar clear liquids (no soft drinks). As discussed in your weight loss surgery seminar, the pre-op diet shrinks your liver and gradually prepares your body for a healthier lifestyle and future wellness.

You will also begin a guided exercise program. Post surgery, exercise is crucial to success. Establishing an exercise routine before surgery will aid your recovery phase.

The AnMed Health Weight Loss Surgery team is committed to your success. We offer free weight loss seminars before surgery, diet and exercise counseling, wellness programs and weight loss surgery support group meetings on the second Tuesday of each month for those considering surgery or adjusting to life after surgery. We're in this together.